I am really disturbed by the shear amount of knife review sites out there where the reviewer obviously never actually held the damn knife.

Every single knife in here I have actually held, cut something with it, and considered seriously from a user point of view.  You’ll never find me simply trolling Amazon comments and stock photos.  I either took these photos myself or hired a professional photographer to do it for me.  I’ve also never received a knife as a gift in order to promote it.   That said, I don’t generally target poor quality knives to look at or use, and so usually remain fairly enthusiastic and positive.  I do use affiliate links within this site, which helps me to feed my passion and write more reviews.  If you click through a link, and buy something I receive a small commission.

Now that that’s over… My name is Patrick, and I really enjoy this site.  I love bushcraft knives even though I’m not a huge fan of the term “bushcraft.”  Who’s to say what a bushcraft knife really is anyway?  I think any knife used in the field as a survival, work, or camp tool qualifies.

Good knives are a joy to use, and make tasks more enjoyable.  Just ask a professional chef to use a $6 chef’s knife, and it will quickly become a chore, but given a well-balanced tool built for a specific job and the work becomes fun and almost meditative.

I have spent a lot of time outdoors for both my hobbies and my profession.  I have been a wildland forest firefighter, trail crew foreman, sawyer, woodcutter, sailor, and law enforcement officer.  I have hiked, hunted, and fished some of the most remote places in the Western US from Alaska to Mexico and have sailed more than 250,000 deep water miles.  Through all this, I always had a knife with me.  I have come to appreciate the elegance and utility of such a simple tool and how it fundamentally changed human history and civilization.  Most people use a knife every day, and if they don’t, it’s because they’ve outsourced the job to somebody else in the fields of agriculture, food processing, clothing, or construction.

Everybody on earth needs to make one thing turn into two smaller things.  Why not enjoy it?

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